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Zac was born and raised near the White Mountains of Eastern Arizona. As a boy he was encouraged to roam the great outdoors and experience the natural world around him. Surrounded by the beautiful southwestern landscape, Zac developed an appreciation for simple but elegant lines, textures, colors, shapes, and patterns. As a young man he gained a strong sense of respect and appreciation for craftsmanship from his father, a fine wood worker, part-time jeweler and sustainable home builder.


Taking with him his love of home and family, Zac moved away from the White Mountains in 1999 and came to Flagstaff to attend Northern Arizona University. Studying jewelry making and metalsmithing in this formal environment gave Zac the confidence and inspiration he needed to further develop his passion for working with metals. After graduating from NAU in 2005, Zac went on to spend the next six years working as a Bench Jeweler for a local Flagstaff jewelry store. This position allowed him to hone his skills and to familiarize himself with precious metals beyond silver, such as gold and platinum. Experience as a Bench Jeweler also acquainted him with specific techniques of jewelry repair and important concepts in wear-ability and durability. All of Zac's custom work is designed with the intention to be durable, compliment the wearer and inspire the viewer. He believes that "Jewelry is small sculpture, the human body is an amazing place to display it!"


The simple characteristics of the natural world that so awed and inspired Zac as a boy continue to play a significant role in his artistic process and can be seen in the simple patterns and elegant lines of his work. The tools and materials he uses, the sense of artistic design and craftsmanship he gained from his studies and his love for the physical process of manipulating metal all contribute to this inspiration and add to the unique design and creation of his jewelry.


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